17 January 2012

Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream

dairy free egg free nut free vegan gluten free
An ice cream machine is a very useful thing in the kitchen for those with dairy and egg allergies. Not least because the range of allergy-friendly ice creams and sorbets is fairly limited in Australia when you throw in the need to be nut-free as well. So I was pleased to road-test the Cuisinart Ice-Cream, Yoghurt & Sorbet maker and resolved not to use any soy. Enter coconut (of course). 

What a luscious and rich vanilla ice cream it makes! You need to freeze the bowl before churning, which a) takes a bit of planning, and b) doesn't leave much room in a freezer if yours is stocked to the brim like mine. Still, with a few simple ingredients, it's an immensely satisfying kitchen experience. Feel free to add melted dark chocolate or cocoa powder for a choc coconut version, pureed berries or throw in some nuts if you can handle them.

Makes approximately 7 cups
1.5 cups rice milk 
1/2 cup raw sugar
3 cups coconut cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
Use a hand mixer to beat together the rice milk and raw sugar for a minute or so, until sugar is dissolved. Stir in the cream and vanilla. 
Turn the ice cream machine on, and pour in the mixture, letting churn for about 25 minutes. The ice cream will have a soft serve consistency. Transfer mixture to an air tight container and freeze for a couple of hours to firm if desired. Remove from freezer 5-10 minutes before serving. 


  1. This looks lovely. I make a similar one with a can of coconut cream, a banana, and a tablespoon of honey - whiz them together and dribble into the icecream maker. Delicious.

  2. Sounds Yum! Might have to give it a try. I dont own an icecream maker would it work by just blending and freezing???